Tulare Property Management Customized For You

Your Tulare property management company should find better tenants, take better care of your property, and help your investment exceed even your highest expectations.

You’ll find us committed to your property, whether it’s in Tagus, Midvalley, Waukena, or elsewhere in Tulare.

At The Equity Group, we hold ourselves to high standards. Our team excels at providing high quality property management services because we’re passionate about the Tulare community, and we love real estate. We’re property management leaders in Tulare because we’re good at what we do, and we love what we do. We also know Tulare and its unique mid-state location, which can attract stable tenants and high rents.

At The Equity Group, we serve Tulare area property owners and tenants.

Property Management and Leasing Services

Good property managers understand the local market in the Tagus and Midvalley neighborhoods, as well as elsewhere in Tulare. We can tell you the appropriate price range for your property.

That’s where our marketing plans begin.


Expertly Marketing Your Rental Property

Marketing and advertising starts with pricing. Your Tulare property managers understand the market, and price your home competitively, whether you’re in Imhoff, Tagus, or elsewhere in Reedley, CA. We will ensure you earn as much as you can while minimizing your vacancy time.


Strategic Marketing Plans to Lease Your Home

Our next steps are designed to rent your property quickly to a great tenant:

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  • List your property on our website and all of the popular rental websites that prospective tenants are using.
  • The goal is to attract as many qualified residents as possible so you can be selective and certain you’re getting the best tenant possible.
  • Show your property to prospective tenants.

We use Rently to help tenants schedule their own showing at the time that works best for them. The site is secure and protects your home, requiring a credit card and registration before prospects are allowed access to your home. We’ve found this system speeds up the leasing process, saving you money, and helping tenants to move with maximum efficiency. We will do this for property owners in Tagus, Midvalley and elsewhere in Tulare.


Screening Tenants and Leasing Your Home

Tulare prides itself on providing a higher quality of life than other communities. We want to provide the same higher brand of quality for our tenants and our owners. Whether you’re in Midvalley, Waukena, or elsewhere in Tulare, we want to provide a great rental experience for our tenants and our owners.

Communicating Our Rental Criteria

At The Equity Group, tenants are prepared for our rental criteria before they even apply. They understand that we’ll be verifying income, running credit checks, and searching criminal histories on all applicants who are 18 years of age or older.

Respecting Our Outstanding Tenants

We treat tenants like family members because protecting your property is part of our mission. To live in one of our homes, tenants must demonstrate they are willing to follow the terms of the lease, behave responsibly in the property, and communicate with us in a timely manner. We look for timely rental payments, no evictions, and a sense of pride in renting your home.

Repairs and Maintenance at Your Rental Property

At The Equity Group, our full service Tulare property management plans include taking care of emergency and preventative maintenance. Our attention and our excellent vendor relationships allow us to preserve the condition of your asset.

The Best Vendors for the Lowest Prices

We work with local vendors who are licensed, insured, and professional so you get prompt, efficient service at competitive rates. Whether we need to make updates between tenants or inspect and service your air conditioning unit, we’ll coordinate every detail and keep you informed.

Efficient and Expert Property Repairs and Maintenance

Our goal is also to save you money. We’ll use our own maintenance staff to handle minor repairs, and bring in specialized vendors when there’s a more serious repair to make. The maintenance and repair process is affordable, streamlined, and managed completely by your team of Tulare property managers.

Property Management Technology and Communication

Communication is the only way to succeed. We’re here to respond to your needs, with someone answering the phone 24 hours a day. If there’s an emergency, we’re on it. If you have a question, you’ll get a return call or an email promptly. Tenants can always reach us, and no one will have to leave endless messages or wait a week to get a simple question answered.

Online Account Access for Tenants and Owners

Our technology allows you and your tenants to view statements, check on maintenance requests, and send messages online. You can reach our principals and managers whenever necessary. At The Equity Group, full service property management means being available.
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Find Out What Your Property Is Worth

Before you place your Tulare home on the market, you need to know what it will rent for. We can crunch the numbers, no matter what Tulare neighborhood your property is in.

The right rental price will influence the type of tenant you place. Pricing too high will only give you an expensive vacancy. Pricing too low will leave money on the table. With our expertise, you can collect as much as possible, while staying competitive.

Let us provide a free rental analysis, and we’ll show you how easy it can be to set the right rental price for your Tulare property.

We serve homeowners in zip code 93274, 93275 and elsewhere in Tulare, CA.

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Very professional maintenance team that I can trust to come into my home and fix the repairs necessary in a timely manner. I have never experienced such speedy service with a property management company in the past and very happy with the way equity group takes care of their properties.

– Peter

How Much Is Property Management?

Choose the price that works best for your Tulare property management needs

Leasing Only Service
Full Service Management - Single Family Home
Full Service Management - Multi Family and Commercial
Management Fee 1 Month's Rent $95 Flat Per Home * 5-8% of Collected Income **
Marketing the Property
Rent Assessment
Finding Tenants
Tenant Screening
Full Legal Compliance
Property Maintenance
Discounts for Repairs
On-Time Rent Collection
Eviction Process Handling
Property Accounting and Reporting
Monthly Owner Statements
Owner and Tenant Portals

Additional Fee – $150 per lease agreement secured on move-in and annual lease renewals.

*There is no management fee charge during vacancies. **Fee depends on size, monthly income and size of portfolio.

Client Reviews

Feb 15, 2024
Google - Fred - The Equity Group
They have managed property for us for over 15 years. They are professional, helpful and document everything. We couldn't be more pleased with their property management services.
Feb 15, 2024
Google - Irene - The Equity Group
Equity group has been a great property management group to rent from. With timely responses and kind supportive office personnel, I feel confident that I will be renting with EQUITY GROUP for the long haul.
Feb 15, 2024
Google - Trista - The Equity Group
The Equity Group has exceeded my expectations in every department! They are always responsive, professional, and are content experts. My mind is at ease knowing we can count on them!
Feb 14, 2024
Google - Leonard - The Equity Group
Great work by a great group of professionals, committed to providing quality service.
Feb 9, 2024
Google - Melissa - The Equity Group
Equity has always been a great place to rent from. They're courteous, prompt, and professional. I am a repeat tenant and refer anyone and everyone who is searching for rentals.

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